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Building Uses

Prefabricated Buildings from Smartec are applicable at several places. The buyers can select any prefabricated building based on the end use; i.e., it can be availed for the accommodation of 1 to more than 1000 people.

People seeking a new building for the accommodation of any number of people can trust Smartec for portable or modular buildings that match their requirements. Over the more than five decades of our company's existence, we have created a total of over 50 million square feet pre-fabricated building space for class rooms, rest rooms, canteens, offices, operator theaters and many other conceivable building uses. The all-steel prefabricated buildings are developed adhering to the ISO9001 quality standards; meeting all existing building regulations. The customers can be sure of getting the buildings constructed to the highest standards.

Our prefabricated building systems have inherent adaptability, which means these can be developed in any design suitable for most demanding or obscure applications.

The prefabricated buildings developed by us have some common as well as unusual end uses. Some of such examples are mentioned below. In case, you can not find the building type you are looking for, then please do get in touch. We will design building that perfectly suit your specific requirements.


Smartec's range of prefabricated buildings have many construction applications, from giving sports-person a private space to change clothes, for making dishes in hygienic environment to comfortable accommodation and presentations.

- Changing Rooms- The changing rooms in the sale/hire offering are buildings which can be used for short or long-term. These buildings feature top quality fixtures, fittings, equipment and HVAC system. The portable changing rooms are ideal for individual/team sports. These specially designed rooms feature large changing area, shower units, toilet, extensive bench seating and coat hooks. The buyers based on the strength of their team can choose the size of changing room's building and layout. These rooms can have additional features, like more toilet cubicles, partitioned changing areas, kit storage space, office for officials and facilities for disabled persons.

- Site Accommodation- The builders or contractors can hire or buy construction buildings that are comfortable and accommodating. These strong and secure site accommodation buildings are designed to meet every construction building application. These buildings can be created based on the size and construction site facility requirement, which can be changing rooms, canteen or site office. These buildings provide comfort and convenience to workers and project managers. These Smartec's all-steel construction site buildings are tough and secure to withstand the strain of even the busiest construction sites. These highly secured buildings can be linked together to create extensive on-site facilities. Smartec is in position to create any number of buildings for you and deliver the same anywhere in the country.

- Marketing Suites- Marketing suites are developed for construction firms, which sell new properties. In order to convince potential buyers to buy home, a strenuous amount are efforts and skills are required. Promoting a new home become easy when presented in a right way. The sellers can showcase the design, styling and quality of new homes to buyers even before the development is complete. The marketing suite from Smartec that creates visually stunning and inspiring sales environment; can be custom made. It can be a stand-alone unit or multi-storied suite featuring sample rooms, mock rooms, sales areas, kitchen showrooms, and everything the buyer needs to showcase the design of their homes. These can also have offices and toilets for the convenience of staff. The interiors and exteriors of these marketing suites can be customized to buyer's specifications. These marketing suites with a host of styling interior and exterior options and latest technology, like video presentations and visual tours; can be easily erected and re-located to new housing development.

- Canteens- Smartec can develop wide, column-free portable mess rooms, smart canteens and full restaurants; which can be either stand-alone or erected in schools, colleges, offices, event sites and hospitals to create spacious eating places. These fully equipped, hygienic and functional mobile canteens are helpful if you need to provide catering facilities for customers - on any scale. The buyers can buy Smartec canteen buildings fully plumbed in and fitted with high-quality kitchen equipment. These can also be provided with furniture you need. These all-steel buildings are easy to clean and maintain, thus create a hygienic food-preparation environment.


At remote places where events are organized, prefabricated buildings, featuring all fixtures and features; play an important role. These buildings are used for catering guests, meetings, resting, bathing, dressing and security purpose.

- Catering Units- At events, fully equipped portable canteen buildings are necessary to provide catering facilities for all event visitors, staff, guests, competitors and performers. These catering outlets are hygienic and fully equipped to create a suitable catering environment. Smartec can provide a building of your need, whether it is simple mess room or a restaurant-style canteen. We have resources to fabricate as many canteens or food preparation buildings you require. We can also assist you in selecting the optimum number, size and configuration of buildings based on the requirement of your event.

- Contractor Units- The event contractors must be present on-site for setting-up and dismantling of event installations and infrastructure before and after event. While, the organizers are required to be present all the time at the event site for organization, management and administration. For the accommodation of these site-based contractors and organizers, Smartec designs and develops contractor units. These professionals can live in these on-site portable buildings with ease for several days, or even weeks. Smartec can fabricate all-steel contractor units, including single/twin bedroom units, kitchens, shower area and toilet cubicles. The buyers can select these units in any number and configuration of their choice.

- Dressing Rooms- Smartec Events is specialized in fabrication of dressing rooms in any number and configurations, demanded by customers for hire. These portable, fully equipped single/double/triple dressing rooms will sure impress the entertainment and sport stars of the show. We can even provide large dressing rooms to cater for large numbers of performers. These high standard dressing rooms are ideal to host high-profile international performers, musicians, sport persons and other entertainers. All necessary fittings and furniture are fitted in the offered dressing rooms.

- First Aid Posts- If you are organizing any event, it is important to take preventive measures and be prepared for any kind of medical emergencies. Setting up a temporary first aid post is the first step the organizer can take towards establishing a first aid service center and managing quality first aid. Smartec Events can provide custom-made first aid posts that are easily accessible and visible; so that visitors in need can quickly find them. These portable, all-steel buildings can be set up at any place on your event site. It comes fitted with all essential electrical fittings and furniture. It generally has wider-than-usual doorways and ramps for easy stretcher and wheelchair access.

- Meeting Rooms- At all events, conference rooms form a center of attraction, as here industry leaders gathers for discussions, presentations or product launches. We, Smartec make available temporary meeting/conference rooms of any size demanded by event organizers. The standard size of these meeting rooms range from 7m2 to 36m2. The organizers can hire this portable building of any size, fully equipped with essential furniture pieces, like tables and chairs. Apart from selecting the size of building they need, they can have the furniture size and style of their choice.

- Reception Suites- Receptions suites developed by Smartec in sizes, from 7m2 to 36m2, come with comfortable seating, which can be configured and reconfigured with ease. These suites are perfect to welcome or receive guests to your event. The event planners can either select all-steel open-floor plan suite or partitioned suite. They can also choose the number of windows needed in the suite for letting in natural sunlight as well as for keeping the room ventilated. Contact us to get any number of reception suite in configuration of your choice.

- Security and Police Units- Like first-aid centers, there must be easily accessible security buildings and police control units at every event. The visitors at your event must feel safe during the course of time they spent exploring products or attending conference at your event. These security and police control posts can be set up temporarily set at different corners of event site. The security and police officers on site will minimize the chances of security threats and in case of any safety issue, can deal immediately with the situation. Smartec Events can deliver strong, all-steel security and police control buildings; featuring large windows on all four elevations.

- Shower Units- Smartec brings to the market high-performance and energy efficient shower installed in temporary shower units. These units can be set up anywhere on the remote event site, letting your staff make no compromises on hygiene. At least six showers can be powered with a single 47kg gas bottle for 16 hours on continuous basis. These smart shower units has electric showers which can supply both hot and cold water. The organizers can also pick the Smartec “Luxe” shower range for their VIP guests. This range has gas-powered showers in private changing areas.

- Sleeping Units- To maintain the efficiency, energy and productivity of staff high in sporting, leisure or entertainment event, there must be on-site sleeping accommodation units. By getting enough rest, the staff can feel refresh and motivated to keep on doing their tasks. Smart Sleepa building launched by Smartec Events is designed for single occupancy. The contractors and valued staff get their own personal space after a hectic and tiring day. The organizer can hire the number of beds they need for the accommodation of their staff.


Behind every successful event, there is an organizational and administrative teams. To provide these teams an organized workplace, Smartec designs and delivers prefabricated office buildings, fitted with tables, chairs, cupboards and other necessary furniture.

- Large Offices- Get an office building of requisite size. Smartec creates these office buildings with a capacity, ranging from 20 to 100 people. The company gives you the access to large offices that are spacious, well lit and have welcoming, comfortable and motivational working environment. The modular office building has large, column free space, which can be configured to suit your specific office requirements. It can be partitioned to create separate meeting rooms, reception area, conference room and corridors. Bring the layout of your choice, we will give you exact office modules. With Smartec, you can also get the building' interiors and exteriors of your preference and give your office building unique look and feel.

- Medium Offices- Quick, quite, cost effective and smart way to create an office space for 10 to 25 people; is to set up a modular building from Smartec. This kind of building provides similar comfort and quality of traditionally constructed office. Also, complies with each and every permanent building regulation. Apart from providing office building on rent or sale, the company also handles groundwork, installation, ongoing support and maintenance. You can also select any of the interior/exterior optional facilities, including furniture, data connections, canopies, steps, cladding, climate control system, ramps, etc., to enhance the functioning and appearance of your building. Movement-sensitive PIR lighting can also be fitted to enhance energy efficiency.

-Offices for Large Organization- Smartec can create ready-to-use modular office buildings with working space for as many as 1000 people. These office units can be configured to the customer requirements and increasing demands. The size of the building can be enhanced by any of the three ways: end to end, side by side or multi-storey. All the buildings have column-free spaces, which provide you the flexibility to create interiors of your choice. The flexibility in internal layout also allows you to create reception area, canteen, offices, meeting rooms and toilets. The company can handle entire project, starting from building design, architecture, foundation installation, building construction to interior and exterior fittings.

- Small Offices- Designed to accommodate up to 15 people, Smartec's portable and modular office buildings are provided for hire or purchase. These all-steel, self-containing buildings can be delivered to you in assembled form by road, installed quietly and efficiently within a day and ready for immediate use. We can include interior/exterior facilities on demand, like furniture, network connections, cladding, canopies, ramps, steps, climate control system, etc., to create complete working environment. These buildings are in compliance with all permanent building regulations.

- Start Up Offices- Starting a new company requires huge investment. From infrastructure to workforce, all needs to be arranged. Smartec can help you in getting efficient and fully connected start-up office units, that are efficient, strong and provided within time and budget. The company can provide self-contained 'instant start-up office', wherein one can move in and start working. It comes fitted with networking system, lighting, electrical sockets, furniture and 2KW heater. The customers can either hire or buy office building, with comfortable and completely ventilated interiors. Available in different sizes, ranging from 7m² to 36m², it can accommodate 1-6 people. As the business will grow, the owner can also add extra storeys. The build quality of this building is approved by BBA.